Cow Paintings and Animal Art-take it from me..

Cow Paintings and Animal Art-take it from me..

You may have noticed that I enjoy painting animals. A lot of artists do, but I love to study them, be out in the field with them..paint “plein air” and get the benefits of the entire experience. Not everyone is up for that!
I am currently working on paintings in Texas, and wanted to share some of my actual, real life subjects.

You may actually recognize some from my paintings:

“Radar” the miniature donkey, and star of my paintings and greeting cards.

Visiting with “Radar” and “Little Foot”

Delivering hay to some future art super stars!

More “paintings” waiting for there moment of fame.

“Medium Moo” 5″ x 5″ and available for purchase


“Curly Joe” A Belted Galloway.

These are just a few of the precious animals I get to spend time with. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! If you want a portrait of your live stock or domestic animal please contact me as I would love to discuss it with you!
Have a colorful day!




Painting People and Portraits

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Self portrait of the artist snorkling with manatees in Florida. 8 x 10 $275.00

Painting people and portraits…

Who knew? If you had told me a year ago that the director for the NC Museum of Art would ask to buy one of my paintings, and a portrait  ( a David Bowie) at that…frankly I wouldn’t have believed you. I really didn’t enjoy the “pressure” of that type of art. So “Butter my butt and call me a biscuit” (as you might say here in the south) because I would have been wrong!
Last year was a year for painting people, and I have actually started to enjoy it. Perhaps it was part the power of suggestion.

What happens when I listen to others?:

I had considered myself in love with plein air landscape painting. Then one day Nicole (owner of Nicole’s Studio and Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC) said to me that she really liked my portraits and figures and that may be what I do best. Hmmm. I wasn’t sure what to make of that-I just figured I would keep on doing what I was doing (keeping the figurative and portrait paintings fairly private) and publishing my landscapes, animals, and other genres. Over time I kept thinking about what she said and eventually I started to “show” my paintings of people and the response was very nice.

Some of my favorites have been the cowboys I’ve done, some special children’s portraits, and of course the David Bowie paintings.

When it is all said and done:

I have learned to really thrive on the challenge of painting people and portraits and am not afraid to share them any more!

There still is nothing finer than being outside in some amazing location and painting what is in front of me (boats on the water, cattle, horses or pasture, old barns or houses), and calling it “my job”. Really…it’s hard to complain about those days “at the office”.

Thanks for reading and continuing to support my work! If you would like to have your own original Beth Carrington Brown painting, please contact me for information and pricing.

David Bowie smoking a cigarette looking reflective

David Bowie Reflective 18 x 24 $625.00








Fine Art and Artists invite you to join them in Saying Goodbye

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Dear Friends:
After five wonderful years Waverly Artist Group Gallery and Studio will be closing.
Saying Goodbye 

Saturday,  November 19th 10am until 4pm
This is our final day of business and we hope you will be able to say goodby and look for a final opportunity to buy a painting at our close out prices.

The Artists of "WAG"

The Artists of “WAG”

Our lease expires November 19th: we thank you for five great years of support while we have
brought beauty to your community.

We cannot adequately express how thankful we are for having been your friends.

We opened the gallery with a few goals in mind. We wanted to:

*bring beauty to our worlds because we believe beauty makes us  better people.
*make a contribution to the betterment of our community
*have fun i.e. to WAG more and bark less
*collaborate and become better artists
*sell art

Warmly and with good memories from all of us at Waverly Artist Group
We do hope that over time you will see other expressions of WAG and our desire to bring beauty to each of you.

There are many new paintings and beautiful works awaiting your arrival!

Beth Carrington Brown



Paintings of Malta and the Mediterranean Sea

painting of Malta

Larger scale painting of a rock formation in the Mediterranean Sea on the easel.

Colorful rock formation and sea near Malta.

Colorful rock formation and sea near Malta.

The Mediterranean Sea, boats, beautiful  Maltese islands-what could be better? Well, if you can’t be there, enjoy the paintings I created! The waters of the Mediterranean are extraordinary! The colors are breathtaking and the rock formations along the coast are striking.

Sea Cave in Mediterranean art painting

Malta Sea Cave 11 x 14
$275.00 (smaller version)

The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. All are amazing in their own right. So much to see and do. Yet, during my stay one of the things I saw everywhere-that I absolutely associate with Malta, is laundry.



Laundry in Malta

Laundry hangs everywhere in Malta.

impressionist painting of laundry hanging in Malta

Malta laundry blowing in the breeze

Maltese Fishing Boat Study 6 x 6, Framed $125.00

Maltese Fishing Boat Study 6 x 6, Framed $125.00

Handsome boat resting off of Malta.

Handsome boat resting off of Malta. 9 x 12 210.00

Yes, laundry. We had a washing machine for our clothes, but no dryer. I don’t know if anyone has a dryer, but you saw clothes blowing in the breeze everyone you looked. The weather is really perfect for drying “natures way”. Of course I had to do a painting of this!






My favorite day of this trip was when we took a boat around all the islands-getting to peak inside of beautiful sea caves and see the coast from a distance-it was amazing! Boats are everywhere and they themselves are beautiful! I enjoyed painting this wonderful place and will have more to come. Check out some of the other and most current works on Facebook or on Instagram, and I even have prints and cards available on Etsy.

Maltese Fishing Boat 8 x 10

Maltese Fishing Boat 8 x 10



The First Paintings of Malta

A beautiful path of colorful flower petals inspire me!

A beautiful path of colorful flower petals inspire me!

Paintings of Maltese boats, paintings of the Malta coastline, the Maltese falcon, the beautiful caves ready to be explored: These are the things that I dreamed of painting! I had the good fortune to travel to Malta (and some other wonderful places-but that’s for another day) this summer, and it did NOT disappoint!

A slightly larger version of my first study

Malta Boat at Rest, 10 x 10 Custom Framing, $210.00 A slightly larger version of my first study

Malta is the type of place artists dream of, but rarely get to see. I am fortunate to have gone. I did however, have to travel with a very large group of people through another country for a week before we made it to Malta. Even in Malta, it was a daily “journey” of sorts. It is always a challenge for people who are not artists to travel with those of us who are. For example: I want to stop and look at the buildings where the light is hitting just perfectly, or in the garden with the beautiful shadows and brightly colored flowers, or take dozens of photos of the tip of just one boat. As you can imagine, it must be annoying to them. So I had to balance my desire to paint/photograph, take in sights. Most of my photos were done while in motion-sort of a bouncing camera while walking type of shots. I mean, this trip was not actually all about me. Bummer.

One of the places I wanted to go most of all was Marsaxlokk. It is a lovely fishing village-and was on the top of my “must do” list. Unfortunately I only got to spend about 2 hours there, and wouldn’t you know it, it was overcast for 1 hour and 45 of those minutes. Artists and photographers…do you feel my pain?
Well, in the span of those 2 hours I took over 800 photos-so I was not gonna let a sky full of clouds stop me!

I want to share with you some of the photos of Malta that might give you a hint of what inspired me, and then a few of the freshest paintings off my easel:

Look at those colors in the boat!

Look at those colors in the boat!


Fishing boats in Marsaxlokk bay, Malta.

Fishing boats in Marsaxlokk bay, Malta.

Look at this color!

Look at this color!


A beautiful building in Mdina, Malta

A Lovely location in Mdina, Malta. 11 x 14, custom framing, $275.00

Now for some paintings:

Malta Boat Study 6 x 6-Framed, 125.00

Malta Boat Study 6 x 6-Framed, 125.00

Thanks so much for reading and looking. I  hope you will consider having one of these paintings in your home!


Painting the Rio Grande at Big Bend National Park

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Rio Grande Big Bend, 8 x 10 175.00

Rio Grande Big Bend, 8 x 10 175.00

This painting is one of several from my trip to Texas and Rio Grande at  Big Bend National Park. The scenery at Big Bend was rugged, western and simply meant to be painted. The landscape is dramatic and bigger than life and full of “nooks and crannies” that pose an interesting challenge for painting. There is no doubt that you are in the west and there doesn’t seem to be a change from the technical US  to Mexico-it is just ONE incredible area with no beginning or ending. For those who like that type of place, well there are simply thousands of paintings waiting to be painted. I am happy to offer one of mine to you today. This particular painting is a bit of a change for me in that it appears more abstract at first. Honestly, I love that about it.

If you want to see the other paintings as I share them please go to the”contact” page on my website and subscribe to my blog for a notification of the new paintings.

This painting is now framed and available to view in person at Waverly Artists Group Gallery and Studio in Cary N.C. or you may contact me directly to arrange to purchase. It is available for 175.00.

Thanks for reading!P1080364 (1) P1080265



A Girl and Her Horse painting 20 x 24

A Girl and Her Horse,  20 x 24, 450.00

A Girl and Her Horse,
20 x 24, 450.00

A girl and her horse: a new painting by Beth Carrington Brown

This painting of a woman grooming her horse is one of my new favorites. I was standing in the barn with my good friend (the woman) at the end of the day working with her horses. The sun was setting, and it was gorgeous outside and the light streamed into the barn. I could not have asked for a prettier moment. In addition to the glorious light and shadow and beautiful shapes of color I saw as an artist, was this very special relationship between the woman and her horse. Grooming isn’t a “chore” to her, it is a time of pleasure, almost like a gift from God to her and the horse. It is not something she rushes through, but something she carefully takes her time doing. It is almost like time has slowed down on purpose. Perhaps because when the grooming is over she must go back home. The peaceful time with her horses is coming to an end, and she does not want it to. The connection she shares with these beautiful equines is so real it is almost palpable. It is amazing to watch someone like this with these incredible powerful animals. The trust and relationships are real and valuable. It was a pleasure to be with her and all of her horses, but truly an honor to paint this moment.


“Hello There”

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"Hello There" 9 x 12 150.00

“Hello There” 9 x 12 150.00

Hello There! This is how Radar the donkey greets me each time I visit him.  Radar lives in Clay County Texas with a wonderful family that I have gotten to know in the past year. I wanted to paint Radar the very first time I laid my eyes on his sweet face! His joyful greeting is rewarded by my giving him pieces of apples, carrots and lots of hugs. Of course Radar will never “pose” for me, and I can’t seem to get to him at the “right” time of day for painting.  Nonetheless I feel like I captured his spirit in this painting and brought him home with me! Radar (the painting) is handsomely framed and available to see in person at Waverly Artist Group and Gallery in Cary N.C. If you happen to be in Clay County, stop by and give him a carrot for me!

"Hello There" 9 x 12 150.00

“Hello There” 9 x 12 150.00



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Boots 8 x 10

Boots 8 x 10

I LOVE cowboy boots, Yes I do! I am not a “high maintenance” gal, but I do have a collection of cowboy boots in my closet. Boots with flowers, boots with stars, work boots, dress boots-you name it! I have several boot paintings “in my head” and I can’t wait to get them all on canvas.



A Girl and Her Horse-Tonight at Waverly Artist Group Open House

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A Girl and Her Horse, 20 x 24

A Girl and Her Horse, 20 x 24

We are looking forward to having you join us this Friday for an evening of art, food, music and friendship!
This month we are featuring some new work after a long cold winter. Music will feature Heath Tuttle and his entertaining Jazz guitar. Also the energetic drumming circle Rhythmicity will be back for the season!
Some of our artists will be painting on site welcoming your questions. So, come to enjoy the art and an evening of beauty!