A Girl and Her Horse painting 20 x 24

A Girl and Her Horse,  20 x 24, 450.00

A Girl and Her Horse,
20 x 24, 450.00

A girl and her horse: a new painting by Beth Carrington Brown

This painting of a woman grooming her horse is one of my new favorites. I was standing in the barn with my good friend (the woman) at the end of the day working with her horses. The sun was setting, and it was gorgeous outside and the light streamed into the barn. I could not have asked for a prettier moment. In addition to the glorious light and shadow and beautiful shapes of color I saw as an artist, was this very special relationship between the woman and her horse. Grooming isn’t a “chore” to her, it is a time of pleasure, almost like a gift from God to her and the horse. It is not something she rushes through, but something she carefully takes her time doing. It is almost like time has slowed down on purpose. Perhaps because when the grooming is over she must go back home. The peaceful time with her horses is coming to an end, and she does not want it to. The connection she shares with these beautiful equines is so real it is almost palpable. It is amazing to watch someone like this with these incredible powerful animals. The trust and relationships are real and valuable. It was a pleasure to be with her and all of her horses, but truly an honor to paint this moment.


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