Painting People and Portraits

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Self portrait of the artist snorkling with manatees in Florida. 8 x 10 $275.00

Painting people and portraits…

Who knew? If you had told me a year ago that the director for the NC Museum of Art would ask to buy one of my paintings, and a portrait  ( a David Bowie) at that…frankly I wouldn’t have believed you. I really didn’t enjoy the “pressure” of that type of art. So “Butter my butt and call me a biscuit” (as you might say here in the south) because I would have been wrong!
Last year was a year for painting people, and I have actually started to enjoy it. Perhaps it was part the power of suggestion.

What happens when I listen to others?:

I had considered myself in love with plein air landscape painting. Then one day Nicole (owner of Nicole’s Studio and Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC) said to me that she really liked my portraits and figures and that may be what I do best. Hmmm. I wasn’t sure what to make of that-I just figured I would keep on doing what I was doing (keeping the figurative and portrait paintings fairly private) and publishing my landscapes, animals, and other genres. Over time I kept thinking about what she said and eventually I started to “show” my paintings of people and the response was very nice.

Some of my favorites have been the cowboys I’ve done, some special children’s portraits, and of course the David Bowie paintings.

When it is all said and done:

I have learned to really thrive on the challenge of painting people and portraits and am not afraid to share them any more!

There still is nothing finer than being outside in some amazing location and painting what is in front of me (boats on the water, cattle, horses or pasture, old barns or houses), and calling it “my job”. Really…it’s hard to complain about those days “at the office”.

Thanks for reading and continuing to support my work! If you would like to have your own original Beth Carrington Brown painting, please contact me for information and pricing.

David Bowie smoking a cigarette looking reflective

David Bowie Reflective 18 x 24 $625.00








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