What I do..

I paint because I love it.
I paint primarily in Heavy Body acrylics, though I do tinker with others at times.
I paint En Plein Air.  Really, there is nothing better than standing under a shady tree at the water’s edge, with a nice breeze, and painting what I see!
I paint In my studio -happily there too!

What I paint…

I paint all kinds of things.

My style of painting is evolving as I continue to explore all angles of painting. I don’t want to be boxed in or categorized into one area- landscape or figurative, Impressionist or modernist. I allow myself to experience the whims of creativity. I am simply having too much fun! I enjoy watching the changes and evolution of my work. I particularly enjoy looking back at my earlier paintings  when I knew no “rules” of art. Now, I hope to keep that freshness and “no boundaries” feeling when I paint.

Why I paint…

I paint because I am thrilled by the challenge I encounter every single time I pick up a brush. It is simply a thirst that cannot be quenched. There is more to know and experience with painting than I can get through in a lifetime.  But, each day, I am going to love trying.

It’s a Family Thing

My love for the arts began very early.  Growing up as the only child of two talented musicians and surrounded by family members involved in professional visual and  performing arts, it was inevitable that I join them.

Creativity was a lifestyle in my family: impromptu music “jam sessions” and improvisational acting. We lived by expressing ourselves with any and all mediums-from food-to flowers to papers and paints. Art wasn’t something I was taught, it was an element of my life like food, shelter and conversation.

Despite growing up surrounded by art,  I spent most of my life in a different, yet equally passionate, profession. Later in life I did what many of us do-and “turned into my parents,” and let my passion and creativity for visual art become my work.

While my degrees are not in the field of art, that has not stopped me. After trying the self-taught approach-I found N.C. Artist Catherine Martin. Her passion for color and light called out to me, and she kindly became my mentor. In addition to working with Catherine, I have studied with John Poon, Maggie Siner, Qiang Huang, Carol Marine, Peggy Kroll-Roberts, Colley Whisson, Patti Mollica and many others.

My paintings have been received with enthusiasm and I am happy to say they are in homes throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Thanks to everyone who told me I could paint, and encouraged me to continue!